Anonymous: Your video about rape culture moved me. I was molested at 15 by an 18 year old. After that, I tried to make videos and take a stand against boys and men getting away with this, and I was the one who was attacked in comments and such because I "shouldn't have been seeing an 18 year old." I was FIFTEEN, I didn't know better, I'd never had a boyfriend before. I'm literally in tears watching your video, because it's true. Not just with famous people, but with anyone. Thank you for your bravery <3

I’m so so so sorry that happened to you. I’m always here for you if you want to talk, whether you want to stay on anonymous or come out so i can private message you. <3 You were not at fault at all. Fifteen is not of age to consent so that boy should’ve known. Sending you all my love. :-)

Anonymous: Do you have a twitter account?

i do, it’s @chloegerena :-)